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Juice Tree - 900
Automatic Citrus Juice Extractor!

 Increase Sales and Profits with freshly squeezed citrus juice!

The Juice Tree ® Model 900 is a completely automatic, high volume juice extractor that is simple to operate and maintain. 

This completely automatic juice extractor...

  • Handles a wide range of orange sizes

  • Allows the operator easy access to the machine's interior for fast and easy cleaning

  • Size of Fruit and Yield: See chart below for averages

  • Hopper Capacity: 40 pounds (1 carton)

  • Portability: Mounted on four casters for complete mobility

When placed in store the machine attracts customers to watch the juicing operation. The Juice Tree ® Model 900 satisfies the customer demand for convenient access to fresh nutritious juice!

Juice Tree ® has 30 year experience and 15,000 machines in operation. The company's worldwide sales and service network offers trained distributors and service agents to ensure that outstanding service is part of every sale. 

900 Technical Specifications

Brochure  User Manual

              certification labels

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